COSMIN Manufacture and Maintenance of Pressure Equipment and Industrial Plants


COSMIN is an Italian company that manufactures and erects pressure equipment, such as heat exchangers, vessels, reactors, towers and cabled skids for the power generation, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

Extensive construction capabilities for the heat pressure equipment

COSMIN’s 25,000m² manufacturing facility contains a wide range of equipment and tools to create any pressure equipment required. COSMIN’s manufacturing team are particularly skilled in supplying cabled skids, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, towers and various other components in virtually any raw material used in the industry.

All columns, reactors and pressure vessels are built according to ASME, ISPESL-VSR and EN code standards.

COSMIN’s construction facilities are not limited to pressure equipment – they can also design and construct industrial plants. Assembled on skids, the industrial plant is then layered with insulation fabric, electrical systems and instrumentation, and finally tested in-house before it is shipped to the client.

Erection of heat pressure equipment and industrial plants

In addition to COSMIN’s construction services, clients also have the option to employ COSMIN’s engineers to erect and maintain industrial plants and their components. The prefabrication and erection process of piping systems are conducted according to ANSI standards when using carbon, stainless-steel and other steel alloys, titanium, PVC and various non-ferrous materials.

COSMIN’s engineers are skilled in the erection of fire-heated furnaces. The company’s field division team draws on its extensive experience in the sector, and understand the care and attention these machines require to be properly installed.

This experience also includes the care and maintenance of machinery. If properly cared for, heat pressure machinery can have efficient, long-lasting performance that proves cost-effective for the project manager. COSMIN’s engineers can meticulously clean and repair the pressure parts of boilers, such as the burners, and thoroughly clean heat exchangers by high-pressure water blasting.

Pipes are required to work to a high level in the rugged environments of energy and chemicals, and as a result need special care and attention to ensure their longevity. COSMIN’s field division team can provide local stress relief in piping to extend performance, as well as locating areas needing stress relief in vessels and other equipment.

Industry accreditation standards

COSMIN strives to achieve customer satisfaction in every job it completes. For this reason, the company ensures all work is certified to ISO 9001, as well as the ASME U and S stamps. Other certifications include UNI EN ISO, 3834-2, EN 1090 and OHSAS 18001.

CISA consortium membership

COSMIN is a member of the CISA consortium, a network of companies that work together to provide customers with a complete choice of skills and services. As a result, clients are ensured deadlines are met, no matter how busy the season, through companies they trust.

Central location for worldwide assistance

With its headquarters based in the Italian coastal town of Capoterra (Ca) Localita La Maddalena Spiaggia, COSMIN is ideally located to serve the entirety of Italy and its overseas clients.


For more than 50 years COSMIN has served the chemicals, power and oil and gas industries with high-technology solutions for heat pressure equipment and plants. The company prides itself on offering clients a complete solution to all their industrial needs, which is reflected in the COSMIN’s extensive list of Italian and international clientele list.

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Loc. La Maddalena Spiaggia

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