Kane Energy Services High Efficiency Gas Flare and Combustion Systems

Kane Energy Services (KES) is a relatively new name in the flaring and combustion industry, yet has more than 30 years of specialised expertise in the design and manufacture of combustion products specifically created for individual waste gas disposal requirements.

Products designed by key members of KES have been used in more than 40 countries and on every continent where energy exploration and production occurs.

Elevated Flare Stacks – guy wire supported, self-supporting (free-standing), or derrick supported, depending on the customer’s unique environmental constraints.

Enclosed Ground Flares (EGF) – designed to minimise noise, radiation, and smell, while utilising a hidden, non-intrusive method of waste gas combustion. EGFs are often used in populated areas where an elevated open flame flare cannot be tolerated.

High efficiency flare burners

Utility Flare Burners – used to burn lighter molecular weight waste gases at low pressure, and in situations where smokeless flaring is not necessarily a concern. This type of burner is simple in design and can be used for gas exit velocities up to 0.75 mach.

Single point sonic flare burners – designed to effectively dispose of lighter molecular weight waste gases using pressure as the motive force, up to Mach 1.0 exit velocity. They are specifically used where high system back pressure is tolerable.

These burners are typically installed for blow-down operations, where a very short time period is available to dispose of inventory and where smokeless requirements are not so stringent.

Multi-Point Sonic Flare Burners – These are also used to dispose of waste gas using pressure. They are designed to provide a short stable flame, which is less affected by wind, and where a long flame length cannot be tolerated. This includes situations such as on offshore platforms, or in heavily congested or forested areas.

The burner can provide smokeless flaring of heavier molecular weight gases using pressure.

Steam-Assisted Flare Burners – Used primarily where flare activity needs to be smokeless for the day-to-day operational gas releases.

High-pressure steam is injected into the gas stream creating turbulence, which is necessary in order to achieve smokeless flaring.

Steam-assisted flare burners are designed for very heavy gas releases, such as those found in a crude oil refinery, or petro-chemical facility.

Air-assisted Flare Burners – These are an alternative to the steam-assisted fare burner, but with reduced operational costs. They are typically installed when steam is not available, utilising varied blower arrangements to inject air into the flame in order reduce smoke.

High-energy pilot / ignitors

The KHE-7000 is the result of decades of pilot testing for high-wind areas and effective re-ignition sequences . It incorporates a high-energy electronic ignitor into an energy-efficient pilot burner.

A 10,000 vac ignition device is used by the KHE-7000 to light the pilot burner. Once the pilot flame is proven via the internal temperature-sensing module, the ignitor switches to standby mode, re-igniting the pilot burner should it go out.

Re-ignition of the Pilot will continue at regular set intervals until the temperature sensing module has again reached the set operating temperature.

A unique rail system can be used to inspect and maintain the KHE-7000. It can be lowered to grade to allow for repairs and preventative maintenance minimizing the use of cranes or plant shut-ins.

Control Panels are available for installation in electrically hazardous areas, in either AC or DC voltages, with solar charging systems for remote areas.

The KHEFF pilot is designed to be ignited via a flame-front generator ignition system. It is used where access to the sterile flare area is restricted.

All Kane high-energy pilots are fabricated from the highest-quality corrosion and heat-resistant materials, ensuring long-life, reduced maintenance, reliability, and availability.

Knock out drums and liquid seal drums

KES can supply a broad spectrum of integral or stand-alone flare knock-out drums and liquid seal vessels to complement the flare system package.

These products are designed, manufactured, and certified pressure vessels under ASME guidelines. Pumping systems and level controls can also be provided where necessary.

Industry-standard software, quality management and surveillance

KES uses well-recognised industry standard software in all aspects of flare system design, while following the current guidelines of API-521, API 537, local environmental requirements, and customer supplied project-specific details.

Manufacturing of KES products is continually monitored through very stringent quality control procedures, ensuring the best possible built-for-purpose equipment.

The quality management standards of ISO 9001, ASME Section VIII / B31.3, and the CSA Canadian Electrical Code are also followed throughout the manufacturing process.

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