GE Measurement & Control Solutions Non-destructive Testing and Measurement Services for Energy Machinery

GE Measurement and Control Solutions (GE), a subsidiary of GE Oil & Gas, provides a complete range of sensor-based measurement and inspection for controls and radiation, and asset condition and radiation monitoring solutions.

GE also offers a combination of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions with Rhythm® software platform technology to supply accurate inspection data and productivity solutions to the energy and offshore industries.

Sub-surface crack detection and metal sorting

GE’s electromagnetic testing machines and probes are well-suited for industrial applications. This non-destructive testing equipment can detect surface and sub-surface cracks and metal sorting efficiently and accurately, in order to meet the critical application requirements of the project and ensure it returns to operational standards with minimal downtime.

Industrial radiography equipment and testing

Radiography is one of the most widely used testing methods, due to its reliability and non-destructive optimum performance. As a result, GE provides a complete array of industrial radiographic equipment and testing solutions, including film radiography, digital technologies, portable and stationary X-ray sources, integrated inline systems, 3D computed tomography, metrology solutions and analytical X-ray diffraction systems.

Ultrasonic testing equipment and software for industrial applications

As a leading pioneer in the development of ultrasonic testing equipment, GE’s ultrasonic inspection services can meet the critical requirements of a client’s project on-schedule and to a high standard.

A few examples of GE’s ultrasonic services include:

  • Testing machines
  • Transducers
  • Software for industrial applications requiring internal defect detection and sizing

Remote viewing equipment

For inspections or tests that contain an obstructed view, GE’s remote viewing equipment can help clients identify the issue and solve it quickly. Equipment used for remote viewing include basic borescopes and fiberscopes, measurement-capable digital video borescopes, pan-tilt-zoom camera systems and robotic crawler systems, that are portable and rugged in construction to withstand industrial environments.

User-friendly software solutions for NDT applications and testing

GE Measurement & Control Solutions manufactures advanced yet user-friendly software that enables clients to improve productivity and make faster, better-informed decisions in the field and office. The company can provide software for all NDT applications and testing, including programs for data analysis and management, image review, reporting, remote collaboration and storage.

Weld engineering

GE provides conventional and phased-array ultrasonic (UT) testing for machines, film and digital radiography to service, build or even extend the life of welds. Additional services include eddy current and remote visual technologies to help provide repair solutions and data collection.

Corrosion and erosion detection

Corrosion and erosion are serious environmental hazards that affect the operation of offshore machinery and the safety of crew workers. GE provides highly accurate technology solutions to detect corrosion and erosion on machinery, and readily apply solutions before any trouble spots or failures can occur.

Testing solutions range from simple handheld digital UT thickness gauges, digital and phased-array UT flaw detectors, and X-ray detection and sizing products. If any affected areas are detected, GE’s Rightrax monitoring system can be permanently installed on suspect areas and will alert workers of any trouble before a machine fails.

Rotating equipment

GE can offer clients a large selection of NDT procedures, such as eddy current arrays, 3D volumetric computerised tomography, advanced menu-directed remote visual inspection and rhythm software. This enables GE’s technicians to draft and archive data reports to inspect for patterns in gas and steam turbines, compressors, pumps and electrical generators.

Heat exchanger diagnosis

Rugged marine environments and constant use cause offshore and energy plant machinery to degrade over time. GE can diagnose nearly any heat-exchanger malfunction, including those found in generators, feed water heaters and air-conditioning chillers, and identify the best solution for the machinery and client.

Inspection processes for composite materials

GE’s wide-ranging experience inspecting blades on aircraft engines, windmills and piping systems has enabled the company to develop a special expertise in enhancing the inspection process to identify areas of further development and challenging areas to monitor.

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