Savage Engineering and Sales Rugged Presses for Onshore Oil and Gas Applications


Savage hydraulic presses have been known throughout the petroleum industries for over 50 years for their rugged construction and durability. Each press is built with pride by our team of experienced craftsmen.

Presses are available in many sizes and with capacities up to 3,500t. The firm’s applications engineers will review customer’s requirements to help determine the type and size of press most suitable.

Straightening presses for tubes and round bars

Savage’s Travelling Gantry Straightening Press is the perfect solution for straightening drill stream tools, liner hangers, drill collars, heavy-weight tubes and round bars as well as down hole drills (rotors and stators) drill pipe and mud motors.

With travelling gantry straightening presses, the work piece remains stationary while the pressing ram traverses to the high spot. First, the work piece is loaded onto pressing anvils. Powered lift and rotation devices are employed to find the bend. The gantry is then traversed over the shaft, then energised against the high spot to straighten.

Savage’s Traveling Gantry Straightening Presses can also be used to straighten gear racks for offshore oil platform geared legs, large plates and weldments.

Straightening features include:

  • Travelling gantry
  • Traveling operator’s platform
  • Ram stroke control to 0.001in prevents over- bending of work piece
  • Joystick ram movement controls
  • Powered lift and rotation of work piece
  • Long reach dial indicators for straightening
  • Remote pendant control
  • V-Block anvils are powered for left and right travel
  • Lift / rotation fixtures are powered for left and right travel
  • U-Blocks are available custom sized per tube diameter

Horizontal presses

Horizontal forcing presses, also known as wheel presses, are used for mounting / demounting wheels, bearings, gears, etc. on / off shafts or axles components. Pump jack manufacturing and repair facilities use Savage Wheel Presses.

  • Single and double end presses available
  • Roller mounted crossheads with powered positioning
  • Axle support carriage
  • Handheld ram control pendant, pushbutton operated.

Metal working presses

Savage metal working presses are available in four-post guided platen and straight side, gib guided frame types. Applications include forming, stamping, blanking, bending, piercing, punching, perforating, trimming, transfer, flanging, joggling, forcing and others.

  • Savage Straight Side Pre-stressed Housing Press
  • Savage Straight Side Gib Guided Press
  • Wheel Press / Forcing Press
  • 4 Post Metal forming Press
  • C-Frame Guided Platen Press

Meeting the needs of industry

The company’s pressing systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of industry. Applications include presses for plastic-working, metal-working, specialty forming and much more.

Savage pressing systems are ‘job engineered’ in two ways. First, they are engineered to accomplish your specific requirements.

Second, they are designed to perform their job as efficiently as possible. The firm offers the broadest line of hydraulic presses available, with many frame types for specific applications.

The types of presses Savage supply include:

  • Four post guided platen
  • Straight side gib guided
  • Travelling Gantry Straighteners
  • C-frame, guided and unguided models
  • Window frame
  • Horizontal forcing or trimming
  • Horizontal bulldozers

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