Oreco Automated Environmental Solutions for Oil Tank Cleaning and Hydrocarbons Recovery

Oreco develops, manufactures and globally markets mobile turnkey systems for automated waste oil recovery and storage tank cleaning in the oil and petrochemical industries. Using safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods, Oreco strives to keep tank owners and service providers at the forefront of the oil recovery and tank cleaning industry.

With careful development and production, Oreco’s high-quality solutions satisfy all tank cleaning and recovery needs – from the largest crude oil tanks to smaller white oil tanks, providing industry ‘best practice’ according to HSE issues.

All Oreco products are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and all Oreco systems are constructed to operate safely in potentially hazardous and harsh environments.

The Oreco solutions portfolio

Oreco technology is designed specifically to assist customers in achieving high levels of efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. In keeping with this approach, the Oreco solutions portfolio is comprised of four advanced systems offering easier, faster, and safer performance.

The patented BLABO system cleans large difficult-to-clean tanks such as crude oil or heavy fuel oil tanks. The smaller MoClean is designed for tanks containing lighter oil products. The SLOPO® system offers efficient and cost-effective slop oil treatment. And the new PROH2O® represents a fully automated filtration solution for produced water.

BLABO – designed to clean crude oil / heavy fuel oil tanks

The patented BLABO system is an automated, non-man entry tank cleaning system especially designed to clean large volume, difficult-to-clean oil tanks like crude oil and heavy fuel oil. Modular and mobile, the BLABO system consists of up to four containerised process modules to provide desludging, cleaning and oil recovery in one integrated process. BLABO is suitable for different tank size and type, including both floating and fixed roof tanks.

MoClean – the process system for cleaning white oil product tanks

The compact MoClean® system is directed towards small and medium sized liquid product tanks having contained white oils like diesel, kerosene, jet fuel and other petroleum products, edible oils, chemicals/petrochemicals, etc.

MoClean is a mobile and fully integrated process system offering automated cleaning and separation of oil, solids and water.

SLOPO – optimal slop oil treatment

The SLOPO® system from Oreco offers efficient and environmentally responsible slop oil treatment. Using special core technology, SLOPO converts a wide range of potentially hazardous slop oils into products that increase your profits.

Compact and safe, SLOPO is constructed for optimal performance in hazardous areas and meets the highest safety standards and directives. Available in two configurations, the SLOPO system also features add-ons for easy customising to situational requirements.

PROH2O – filtration solution for produced water

The PROH2O® system represents innovative and proven technology engineered to generate clean water from the most difficult produced water including FRAC water, SAGD water or polymer flooding. Featuring the world’s smartest membrane separation system, PROH2O is a fully-automated, plug-and-play filtration solution equipped with highly advanced components.

With PROH2O, installation is easy, maintenance is minimal and the robust engineering and technology mean optimal performance and continuous operation in all environments and conditions.

Designed with health, safety and the environment in mind

Sustainable development has become not only a key issue for the oil industry; it has become a global imperative. It’s clear to everyone that oil will become a scarcer and increasingly valuable natural resource in the future. Meanwhile, ever more stringent health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations also demand increased responsibility towards the environment.

With this in mind, Oreco aims to set the standard for safe, high-quality tank cleaning and oil recovery systems that both support sustainable development and meet the most rigorous HSE requirements in the world. And Oreco’s ISO 9001:2000 certification guarantees that Oreco solutions deliver the same high standards every time in every location.

The Oreco approach to HSE comes into play in every advanced Oreco system in tank cleaning e.g: closed-loop cleaning processes reuse the recovered sludge as the primary cleaning media, so there is no need for toxic cleaning chemicals. Effective separation of sludge into hydrocarbons, water and solids minimises the amount of waste for disposal and reduces emissions to the atmosphere. Recovered hydrocarbons are then suitable for reuse or resale.

The non-man entry system of Oreco’s automated solutions eliminates the need for personnel to be present inside tanks during operation, significantly reducing exposure to hazardous substances.

The combination of Oreco’s comprehensive training programme, constant process monitoring and wide range of advanced integral safety systems ensures maximum safety for personnel during operation.

Tank cleaning and oil recovery services

Tank cleaning and oil recovery services using the Oreco methods are offered by service providers in the Oreco partner network. Each partner is an independent and well-respected tank cleaning specialist specifically chosen and trained by Oreco in order to ensure that the process complies with the increasingly demanding legal requirements related to safety, hydrocarbon emission and environmental issues.

Discover how you can benefit from Oreco’s industry-leading solutions and services.

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Press Release

New Name For Well-Known Company

Oreco A/S is the new name of Toftejorg Technology A/S, developers of the market's most effective systems for automated, non-man entry tank cleaning and oil recovery. Toftejorg Technology are longstanding leading specialists in automated systems for tank cleaning and oil recovery. As an

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BLABO® Non-Man Entry Tank Cleaning and Oil Recovery System

Manual tank cleaning is often a tedious and cumbersome process, putting both personnel and property at risk. The stream of increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental (HSE) legislation and standards means that the oil industry is under pressure to utilise safer and more environmentally friendly tank cleaning methods.

Oreco A/S

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+45 4332 0200 +45 4332 0201 www.oreco.com

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26 February 2013

In 2013 Oreco will participate in several exhibitions and conferences, including Tank-Expo, StockExpo and the Tank Storage Forum MEA.

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13 February 2013

Oreco is proud to announce that it has successfully attained recertification of its ISO status for ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 without any additional remarks. This triple recertification followed a strategic review of the three ISO management systems operated at the company, and is a tangible result of Oreco's dedication to continuously improving its processes and products for the oil and gas industry.

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20 June 2012

With the opening of the Calgary office, Oreco's high-quality solutions are now brought closer to meet the needs of the North American oil and energy sector.

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17 June 2012

When it comes to slop oil, two major issues are at stake: dangerous environmental hazards and costly storage problems. The SLOPO® system from Oreco can solve both, offering cost-effective and environmentally responsible slop oil treatment.

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1 April 2008

Oreco, best known in the industry for its BLABO® and MoClean© systems for automated tank cleaning, now expand their product offering. The Oreco NitroGen™ system for on-site gas generation can now be supplied independently, in standard or customised configurations to suit a wide variety

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1 April 2008

SAFETY CONCERNS DRIVE POSITIVE CHANGE Safety issues have always been a major concern in the oil business, but over the last decade attention to Health, Safety, and Environment issues (HSE) have become increasingly prominent worldwide. Companies take affirmative action,

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10 April 2006

As ever-stricter Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) legislation comes into force throughout the world, the tank cleaning and oil recovery industries are regarding safety as a top priority. The deadline for compliance with the stringent European Union ATEX Directive is 30 June 2006. Relating to

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21 February 2006

StocExpo is the number one European event for specialists in the oil storage tank industry where terminal operators, service providers and technology developers will meet to view and debate the latest products and solutions in the bulk storage industry. At StocExpo 28-30 March, Oreco wi

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8 March 2005

Oreco A/S is the new name of Toftejorg Technology A/S, developers of the market's most effective systems for automated, non-man entry tank cleaning and oil recovery. Toftejorg Technology are longstanding leading specialists in automated systems for tank cleaning and oil recovery. As an

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19 August 2002

The MoClean® automated tank cleaning system, developed by Toftejorg Technology A/S and J. Hvidtved Larsen A/S, is a mobile and flexible system that cleans the internal surfaces of tanks in oil product services such as diesel, kerosene, jet fuel and other chemicals or petrochemicals.

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Oreco A/S

Lejrvej 25

DK-3500 Vaerloese



+45 4332 0200 +45 4332 0201 www.oreco.com
Oreco Canada Corp.

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Calgary, AB


+1 403 262 2610 +1 403 262 2691 www.oreco-canada.ca

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