Array Accuseal® Severe Service Valves for Critical Isolation in Process and Power Applications

The Array Accuseal® division of Array Holdings manufactures valve solutions for critical service requirements. Combining superior engineering design with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produces valves for a broad range of applications and service conditions. From extremely high temperatures, pressures and abrasive slurries to critical shut-off requirements associated with liquids pipelines and custody transfers, Accuseal offers the solution.

Critical-service metal-seated ball valves

Accuseal’s complete line of critical-service metal-seated ball valves are specifically designed for the harshest of applications associated with power, refining, petrochemical, synfuels, mining, and other process industries. The valves are ideally suited for services characterized by temperatures up to 750°C, abrasive / erosive slurries, pressures up to and exceeding ASME Class 4500, and high mechanical / thermal cycling requirements. 

Valves are offered with either manual or automated operators. A complete range of sizes, classes and materials are available. All valves are designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas, US, incorporating significant technological and processing advancements. All of these factors, combined with exceptional customer service and responsiveness, make the Array Accuseal critical-service metal-seated ball valve the most advanced and reliable solution for severe service applications.

Double-block and bleed plug valves

Accuseal’s double-block and bleed plug valve combines field-proven designs with innovative features, making the valve more maintenance friendly and application versatile. The valve is ideally suited for tight shut-off requirements where dual block is required. 

The ability to seal tightly from both directions simultaneously while bleeding the center cavity makes the Accuseal plug valve the best choice for critical isolation applications. Unique in the Accuseal valve is the ability to install a DTR system independent of the bonnet, thus allowing access to the internals of the valve without having to disassemble the DTR. A complete range of sizes and classes make the Accuseal your best DBB plug valve choice.

SPV metal-seated ball valve for power applications

The Array Accuseal SPV metal-seated ball valve for power applications offers a proven design, precision machining and advanced engineering, creating a reliable metal-seated isolation valve for critical equipment within the power industry.


  • 0.5in to 2.5in nominal pipe sizes
  • 1,500lb to 4,500lb ASME Limited Class
  • Stainless steel and Inconel trim
  • Fused coatings available for stringent applications

Metal-seated ball valves

The Array Accuseal critical-service metal-seated ball valve offers advanced design and precision machining to provide superior metal sealing technology for critical services within various process industries.

  • 0.5in to 36in metal-seated ball valves
  • 150lb to 4,500lb ASME Class
  • ASME B16.34 design
  • All classes of shut-off

Automatic relief valves

The Array Accuseal automatic relief valve offers advanced design, materials and processing technologies to provide the most reliable shut-off in the event of excess boiler pressure – even after numerous cycles.

  • 1in to 4in
  • 1,500lb to 4,500lb ASME Special Class
  • Stainless steel and Inconel trim
  • Variety of end connections available
  • Special fused coatings to perform in severe thermal cycling
  • Electric and pneumatic actuation available

Expanding DBB plug valves

The Array Accuseal expanding plug valve is a high-integrity, positive shut-off valve designed for applications where tight shut-off, verifiable zero leak rate and double block and bleed (DBB) capabilities are required. Its benefits include:

  • Molded seals
  • Seals retracted during valve operation
  • Can be adapted for motorized operation
  • Reduced leak-paths in relief system

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