Conclusions based upon Facts

To successfully build a machine that will accelerate evaporation, we need to achieve a hang time of at least 20 seconds for a water droplet that is 180 microns.

We could achieve smaller water droplet sizes, however the tradeoff is drift, and many customers have the restriction of retaining all drift within a lined area to comply with the EPA. In addition, our turbine has the capability of generating enough loft to produce an average hang time for water droplets in the range up 180 microns. This allows good average returns for evaporation of the total water droplets set aloft, while restricting drift by using this droplet size or larger.

If we wish to increase the overall percentage evaporated of the total pumped aloft, we can easily achieve this by reducing the nozzle size and thus the water droplet size. However, this not only increases the drift potential but it in fact has diminishing returns, in that it reduces the overall output of an evaporator unit.

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