Ecomister Evaporator Mechanical Enhanced Evaporation for Hydrocarbons and Power Generation

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Ecomister Evaporator’s enhanced evaporation systems are the acceptable alternative to hydrocarbon wastewater treatment. They reduce or eradicate the necessity for expensive wastewater facility treatment and limit or eliminate the need for injection wells. The Ecomister evaporator line is the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible method of wastewater treatment.

Containment and storage wastewater turnkey solutions

A global leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical evaporation systems, Ecomister Evaporatorhas been applying nature’s water vaporisation process to take on the toughest challenges for more than 16 years. Companies in the oil and gas, power, mining, solid landfill waste and water processing and food and beverage handling industries have already embraced our wastewater treatment equipment, the Ecomister.

“Nature’s Environmental Solution”, the Ecomister launches water molecules into the air at a specific size and pressure to greatly enhance the evaporation process. It is a cost-effective way to solve contaminated water issues including leachate or tailings in storage water. It also makes reclamation operations far more manageable. The Ecomister is the most advanced enhanced evaporation unit on the planet.

Ecomister Evaporator invites you to make an enquiry to experience our unique product line and water management solutions. All models vary in size and capacity and are available as a land-based (wheeled or fixed) or flotation option. Take advantage of our engineering ability to customise a Ecomister that will meet your specific application and requirement.

Mechanical enhanced evaporation benefits

Ecomister Ecomisters have the following features and benefits:

  • Lower initial and whole-life cost
  • Lower power consumption cost
  • Easy installation
  • Acceptable environmental impact
  • Short-term and reduced liability
  • Limited maintenance and no field service
  • High volume capabilities
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Increased reliability and runtime
  • Simplistic design
  • Continuous runtime
  • Little to no repair downtime
  • Repair cost low if required
  • Virtually no environmental leakage
  • Customised design available

Long-life vaporisation products

Always reliable, the Ecomister requires limited maintenance and virtually no field servicing. It is engineered and developed to run constantly 365 days a year.

With quality components and resilient coatings, the Ecomister is engineered and built to tolerate the harshest industrial conditions. It has been tried, tested and proven against process tailings effluents that are generated in mine processing plants. A self-cleaning filter system and specialised nozzle configuration and openings tolerate extremely high total dissolved solids (TDS) water with more than 100,000ppm comfortably. Units are designed to handle a PH range of 2-11 without any special upgrades and can handle high salinity also.

Cost-effective wastewater treatment

The initial capital and whole life costs associated with the Ecomister are affordable compared to alternative solutions. Power consumption costs are fractions of a penny; the average cost to eliminate a gallon of wastewater is two-tenths of $0.01. This includes maintenance, operations and amortisation of the capital cost.

Pre-packaged evaporation units for the hydrocarbons industry

The Ecomister is ideally suited for on-site hydrocarbon wastewater treatment processing applications. Units require very little site preparation and are delivered pre-assembled to the job site whether a land-based, wheeled or flotation model. Optional bases angled for uneven ground or flat for well-prepped surfaces can be provided.

A generic installation and manual guide is supplied for the basic step-by-step pumping system setup and operational start up. Single land units usually require one to two hours setup time. Multiple evaporator installations require more time, pending site location and the local electrician’s expertise.

Systems are available in all worldwide voltages and amperages and are pre-wired with instrumentation and cabling terminated in a central control junction box. They can be powered either by three-phase or mechanical power. Our high-efficiency motors are customised and fabricated to meet our industrial motor specifications, which are capable of enduring wet, hostile and corrosive environments that typically exist at most mine sites.

The Ecomister is available in 19in, 24in and 30in models that deliver a specific spray pattern of water volume and pressure. The majority of sales are in our 30in series and can be purchased with or without our pumping systems. Dual-pac and tri-pac systems include one pumping system and two or three evaporation units respectively.

Any desired volume can be managed by using multiple numbers of units. The existing site climatic conditions or pan evaporation rates are used to calculate the efficiency of each unit required to reach zero discharge. They will minimise or eliminate the need to expand existing containment or storage surface areas.

Evaporation design

Ecomister Evaporator is an accomplished solutions provider capable of offering evaporation design expertise and customised product fabrication options. Pending wastewater volume and containment area limitation, consultation is a necessity in selecting the appropriate product to minimise spray drift or maximise water removal. Wastewater containment area consulting and designs are available prior to purchasing. Computerised remote-control automation systems, weather stations and drift control equipment is available upon request.

As a full turnkey solutions provider, our complete package is pre-assembled and third-party tested prior to shipping. We include a worldwide warranty with all our products. Our established sales history speaks for itself and is back by an excellent product and continued service record. To receive more information regarding our satisfied clientele or make an enquiry we encourage you to complete the business form below.

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To show why we designed our evaporator as we did, I offer the following assumptions that are based upon tests completed at the Ohio State University and the extension department of Virginia Tech.

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