Contact tracing apps: “It’s better to do it right than quick”

23 June 2020

Motor Oil Group CIO Nick Giannakakis interview: On digital transformation, Covid, and edge computing

The former BAT CTO joined the €9.5bn Greek energy conglomerate at the start of 2020 – the first time the organisation has had a group CIO role. By Edward Qualtrough

23 June 2020

Blurred lines: The challenges of taking down ransomware gangs

Ed Targett speaks to a range of senior investigators to learn more about the challenges of taking on cybercriminals.

23 June 2020

Life as a Service: The unstoppable rise of the subscription model

In the past few years we’ve witnessed subscription models spread from the software space to almost every industry vertical. But where will it end? Lucy Ingham hears from industry experts...

23 June 2020

What is Low-Code and Could It Turbocharge Your Business?

In the past decade low-code development platforms have become an increasingly popular tool in the enterprise tech suite. Robert Scammell speaks with low-code providers Boomi and Appian to explore the...

23 June 2020

NVIDIA CTO Steve Oberlin: “I’m most excited about the hybridisation of HPC and AI”

Robert Scammell hears from NVIDIA CTO and supercomputer pioneer Steve Oberlin about the most exciting technologies down the road, the importance of luck and why you should distrust yourself most.


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