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GlobalData is the market leader in providing actionable insight into the energy industry. With market analysts in 18 countries around the world, along with a team of researchers and consultants, we provide you with the reliable, in-depth industry information you need to maximise growth potential, identify new markets and leverage your natural strengths.Our invaluable research and consulting solutions make sure you keep the leading position in your industry, through the insight gained from integrated and accurate market forecasts, energy analytics and bespoke consulting. Our expert energy insights assist our clients from across the oil & gas, and power and resources sectors with strategic decision-making, and add value to their products and

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  1. Quarterly midstream capital raising review – Q3 2018

    25 Oct
  2. Dangote Industries drives global propylene capacity additions

    22 Oct
  3. Asia and Africa still dominate global refinery spending

    12 Oct
  4. Local fracking sand will support growing proppant demand in the Permian basin

    9 Oct
  5. Quarterly upstream M&A activity in US shales – Q2 2018

    4 Oct
  6. Iran and India continue to drive global ammonia capacity growth

    3 Oct
  7. Aramco bid for stake in Sabic places further questions over IPO

    7 Sep
  8. Iran and India to drive global ammonia capacity growth

    30 Aug
  9. Asia leads in global petrochemicals capacity additions

    29 Aug
  10. Refracturing horizontal wells in Haynesville still shows uneven results

    24 Aug