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Oil and Water Separation and Filtration

Fjords Processing is your full-service provider for mechanically induced gas flotation, nutshell filters and gravity separation equipment and service. We provide equipment for all types of produced water, including oilfield, industrial, aluminium, paper mills and railcar cleaning facilities.

Fjords Processing strives to provide innovative products and services, and back that up with quality technical support. We can provide solutions to your produced water problems.

Nut shell media filters

We are pleased to announce our exclusive association with Joe Hensley, of CJ Hensley Engineering. Joe Hensley's 30 years of experience in nutshell filtration make him the leading expert on this process, as he holds or has held numerous patents for this technology. Through collaboration with CJ Hensley, Fjords Processing has developed the Pressure Guard nut shell filter.

Suspended solids and hydrocarbons filter

Pressure Guard filters are the latest technology in media filtration and are unequalled in removing suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced oilfield water and refinery wastewater. They are effective for the treatment of oily residue, ash and metallic hydroxides from industrial liquids generated by metalworking, power generating, municipal, chemical or petrochemical industries.

The Pressure Guard filter uses a media cleaning system that easily strips contaminants and oil from the media. High volumes of backwash water, surfactants or gas / air scour are not required.

Pressure Guard filters have the largest volume of media in the industry, resulting in less depletion of media than other media filters. A tri-mix of walnut and pecan shells provides the best resistance to oil fouling as they are not highly affected by heavy oil surges. Furthermore, chemical agents are not needed during filtration.

Pressure Guard filters have a patent-pending internal filtration system for normal filtration and regeneration cycles that are resistant to pressure that may be inadvertently put on the system. This eliminates downtime and costly repairs.

Nut shell filter servicing

Fjords Processing can repair or service your current nut shell filter regardless of who manufactured it. The chances are that if you have a former design filter you will have problems with it. Fjords Processing can diagnose the problems with your filter, and either repair it or convert it to Pressure Guard technology to help get your produced water program back on-line.

Mechanically induced gas flotation units

Fjords Processing manufactures, sells and services the premier mechanically induced gas flotation units in the industry. The mechanical induction of gas in our units has proven to be one of the most successful means of removing minute oil droplets, down to 8µm. Fjords Processing' IGF design has set the benchmark in flotation equipment for more than 30 years.

Wastewater flows horizontally through the unit, which contains five chambers or cells. The first four cells are aerated while the fifth cell is non-aerated or quiet. The aeration causes gas bubbles that carry oils and suspended solids to the water surface, where they are removed by skimmers.

The final cell removes the last oil and gas from the water. Each cell removes 50% of the emulsified oil and suspended solids, resulting in recovery of valuable oil that would have otherwise been discarded.

Custom mechanically induced gas flotation units

The Fjords Processing MIGF can remove up to 98% of the oil in the feed water. Chemicals may be added within the MIGF unit to further improve the efficiencies. More than 30 years of experience has allowed Fjords Processing to develop custom features that enhance the performance and operation of these units. Our units come in sizes capable of processing from 1,500 to 170,000 barrels of produced water per day.

Rental and repair of mechanically induced gas flotation units

We offer a full line of flotation units for rent and also offer a full repair service for all flotation units. Fjords Processing offers an exchange program for agitators, thus reducing costly downtime.

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