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Balanced Engineering and Construction (BEC) is a market leader in a highly specialised field, with an impressive track record in the power and petrochemical industry. BEC is constantly seeking better ways to solve clients' engineering problems through combining the industry's best practices and innovative thinking.

BEC holds the capability, knowledge and skills to inspect, maintain, demolish and repair chimney and flare stack structures tailored to your individual needs. At BEC, we strive to offer value for money services through an efficient, competitive and quality service geared towards your satisfaction.

We possess a wealth of experience within this industry, aiming to continue and improve upon our position as a leading repair and maintenance contractor.

At BEC the solutions that we produce consider both the present and future maintenance of the structures, alongside a flexible approach to suit your budget and programme.

Industrial chimney inspection, repair and maintenance

BEC offers complete inspection, maintenance and repair packages for industrial chimney structures. BEC will prepare a detailed inspection report that enables clients to monitor and assess the condition of their assets. If a service is required, we will produce an innovative and effective solution that will suit your conditions whilst minimising shutdown times.

BEC has performed numerous chimney maintenance, cleaning and repair operations both internally and externally, worldwide. In addition to maintaining the chimney, BEC prepares detailed condition reports that are used to plan future shutdown works. Planning ahead is an integral part in the successful management and maintenance of these industrial assets.

BEC has both the ability and experience to conduct on-line thermal photography assessments, which enables the client to identify where a problem exists, effectively and efficiently.

Demolition of concrete and steel structures

BEC has vast experience in demolishing high, inaccessible concrete and steel structures using a variety of techniques. We tailor the process to your required needs where they are: explosive gas areas, close proximity of residential areas or adjacent working plants. You can be assured that BEC will safely demolish your structure using proven demolition techniques.

Whatever your situation BEC has a demolition solution to meet your site's specific requirements. BEC has experience in concrete crushing, wall saw and diamond wire cutting and high-pressure water cutting techniques.

Flare stack works

At BEC, we produce innovative and effective solutions that will dramatically reduce the shutdown period of flare stacks. This can be achieved through the many personalised packages that BEC offer.

Greasing and inspection of the guy ropes, conducting tension checks, removing old flare tips and installing new flare tips are examples of the flare stack works that BEC provides.

We aim to ensure minimal disruption to operations while flare stack works are in progress. BEC has extensive knowledge and experience in renewing, maintaining and repairing flare stacks.

General services for industrial plants

BEC has extensive experience in performing various general services for industrial plants. BEC will use a range of different techniques that are required to meet the specific requirements of the client.

No matter what the situation is, BEC has the equipment and solution to meet your requirements.

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BEC Chimney Demolition Works 29 April 2015 BEC was awarded the contract for the chimney demolition works, which involves the complete removal of three internal steel liners, internal steel platforms, ladders, galleries, all M&E items, the cutting and removal of the complete reinforced concrete windshield.