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Global Analyser Solutions (GAS) is a supplier of turnkey gas chromatography (GC) analysers for the petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas and energy markets. Throughout the past 30 years, GAS has developed expert knowledge in the areas of gas monitoring and turnkey analyser sampling systems.

GAS not only provides gas monitoring and analyser hardware, but also offers a complete portfolio of services, including product training / courses, application support, demoab, workshops and master classes. With dealers currently active in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East, GAS has established a reputation as a reliable supplier of dedicated analyser solutions.

Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas analysis services

The GAS product portfolio covers a wide range of requirements for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas analysis, and includes the following products:

  • Refinery gas analysers
  • Natural gas analysers
  • Oxygenates analysers (D4815; O-FID)
  • Detailed hydrocarbon analysers
  • Simdist analysers
  • High-purity analysers
  • Low-level oxygenates analysers
  • Low-level sulfur analysers
  • Permanent gas analysers
  • Light hydrocarbon analysers
  • LPG analysers
  • Transformer oil gas analysers

Refinery gas analysers

GAS offers refinery gas analysers according to international standards, including UOP 539 and DIN 51666. Additional software for CO2 emission calculation is also available.

The FastRGA is a benchtop laboratory instrument using the Thermo Trace GC, with a highly accessible valve oven. This robust refinery gas analyser delivers RGA results in less than 7min.

For even faster analysis, GAS offers the FlashRGA. This refinery gas analyser is based on the 19in CompactGC and therefore uses very little benchspace, while a complete range of 32 components are analysed in only 200s.

Both analysers follow the proven three-channel setup, using independent channels for permanent gases, hydrogen and hydrocarbons.

Ultra-fast analysers with thermo technology

The GAS Simdist analysers follow international ASTM, DIN, EN and IP methods, such as ASTM 2887, 6352, 7096, 7169, 7500 and many others. The instruments are based on Thermo Trace GC, with its highly regarded injection techniques, PTV and cold-on-column for fully quantitative analysis up to C130 (800°C).

Another striking feature of Simdist analysers is the ultra-fast module, which reduces the analysis time to 2min. The user-friendly Simdist reporter software processes EZchrom fully automated data files and generates boiling-point distribution reports, quality reference data reports, and other relevant data for refiners.

Tailor-made natural gas analysers

The GAS product portfolio includes a wide range of natural gas analysers, offering tailor-made solutions for every demand. GAS delivers cost-effective single-channel instruments based on FocusGC or CompactGC, or extended multi-channel analysers based on Thermo Trace GC. All instruments comply with standardised methods such as GPA 2261, 2177, 2186 and 2286, ISO 6974, and ASTM D1945 and D1946.

LPG analysers for hydrocarbon analysis

The GAS LPG analyser is an automated instrument for the analysis of hydrocarbons and sulfur components in liquefied streams. All system parts such as liquid-injection valves and sample pressurising valves are integrated into GC hardware and the GC method. The optional ‘pressure facility’ controls the pressure of the sample during injection, and guarantees highly quantitative results.

Gas analyser training and service

GAS offers a comprehensive selection of training courses derived from years of customer field experience and working in close partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers, research organisations and universities.

GAS can help you to optimise the use of your products and achieve your professional development goals. Courses typically cover basic operation theory, proper operation and routine user-level service of the product.

Delivering a constant high-level of service is our highest priority. Our mission is to provide valuable information about useful applications and innovations to our global users. An excellent helpdesk and skilled service engineers guarantee trouble-free operation of your GAS analyser(s).

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