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Site Access Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Presto Geosystems is a soil stabilisation and stormwater solutions company. With over 30 years of experience providing innovative products and timely service and support, Presto has developed the GEOWEB® and GEOTERRA® site access systems; cost-effective and customer-focused solutions for sites with soft ground or limited aggregate resources.

Site access systems for oil platforms

Presto Geosystems has devised innovative and easy-to-deploy solutions to increasingly demanding oil and gas challenges: the GEOWEB and GEOTERRA site access systems. The GEOWEB system confines and stabilizes infill materials for creating economical drill site access roads and work pads. The GEOTERRA system is a series of portable construction mats for soft ground access in oil and gas applications.

Working as either a temporary or long-term solution, the GEOWEB system is a network of interconnected high density polyethylene (HDPE) 'cells', which is placed on the subgrade and then infilled with gravel or sand, providing a strong and durable support system for vehicles and personnel alike. GEOWEB roadways also require less grading; one highly-trafficked GEOWEB oil lease access road has not been graded since installation over 40 months ago.

Designed for use in areas where local fill has unsuitable strength for roads if not reinforced, the GEOWEB system also reduces site disturbance in environmentally sensitive areas that are prone to degradation. The system also works well with natural or reject sand as infill.

Applications for the GEOWEB system include:

  • Oil field site access roads
  • Intermodal transfer facilities
  • Laydown yards
  • Drilling pads
  • Metering stations

Construction mat solutions

Ideal for locations lacking suitable fill material, Presto Geosystems' GEOTERRA construction mats work as a ground-surface reinforcement for soft ground, and support for access roads, platforms and helipads. Offering enhanced design and construction flexibility compared with timber or composite deck mat systems, the GEOTERRA systems can be safely disassembled, removed and reused as required. The mats can be used either temporarily or long-term.

GEOTERRA mats do not require special procedures or equipment for installation. Two styles are available to meet economic and site requirements. The GEOTERRA GTO system's bolt locking system is quick to install on-site. The GEOTERRA Padloc® system can be pre-assembled off-site and is ideal for transporting preassembled mats via helicopter to remote sites.

Not requiring infill, these mats can support even the heaviest loads thanks to a high crush strength, and yet are lightweight so that they are easy to transport and safely handle without special heavy equipment.

Suitable applications for GEOTERRA mats include:

  • Access roads and oil drilling platforms in remote locations
  • Oil field ancillary work platforms
  • Temporary site access
  • Equipment and product storage
  • Personnel traffic zones
  • Helipads

Environmentally friendly and transportable site access roadways

The GEOWEB and GEOTERRA systems are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), an inert recycled and recyclable material that does not leach into the surroundings or contribute to groundwater issues. The units are relatively lightweight for the area they cover, lowering transportation costs and further improving their environmental benefits.

GEOTERRA construction mats can be disassembled and reused several times, resulting in a low lifecycle cost.

Let us work with you to solve your site access problems. We offer complimentary project evaluation. Contact us for details, or use the form on this page.

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