F-DBS Industrial Gas Generators for Hydrocarbons Processing

Since 2006 F-DBS has offered innovative solutions in the field of gases for industrial and laboratory applications.

Fabienne Palge, the company’s president, has more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in the gas generators business. She is recognised for providing customers with a high level of service and support.

Gas generators for turnkey projects

F-DBS provides a complete range of gas generators to offer turnkey solutions for customers. Our services include:

  • Stock of spare parts
  • Stock of generators
  • IQ/OQ certification for each generator
  • Manual and brochures in French and English
  • Hot line service

Thanks to F-DBS’s gas generators, all the problems associated with cylinder gases are eliminated. They offer comfort, reliability, money savings and safety within the framework of the use of gases.

With all of our competences, we propose the following range of products to you:

Industrial gas generators

Our Maxi nitrogen generators offer a unique, innovative solution to nitrogen gas supply. A reliable, secure source of nitrogen can be produced from your existing compressed air supply. Conceived for continuous operation, they can produce flow rates from a few litres per minute to over NM3/H at purities in oxygen content residual from 10ppm to 5%.

Applications include food packaging, laser cutting, wine making and brewing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and laboratories, electronic assembly / soldering, injection moulding, and more.

Industrial compressed air treatment equipment

Compressed air is an important source of energy that is widely used throughout the industry. This safe and reliable utility is often the most important part of a production process. However, atmospheric air contains water vapour, which condenses to water droplets when the compressed air cools. Water and dirt in compressed air causes a major inconvenience and cost to the user, as it may damage the equipment connected to the compressor.

At the same time, moisture and heat from the compression of the air create favourable conditions for the growth of microorganisms. If the compressed air is in direct contact with human beings, animals, food or medical equipment, hygiene problems may arise.

That’s why we are able to provide filters, fridge dryers, adsorption dryers and gas clean cartridges to obtain a higher purity of air and treat your compressed air.

Laboratory gas generators

We offer a large range of hydrogen generators, including our famous WM-H2 series, which are maintenance-free with maximum pressure of 12bar (or 16bar on demand), purity >99.99999%, making them the ideal tool for carrier gases, fast GC and GC-FID.

Our nitrogen generator DS-PSA technology (patented) and membranes allow us to respond to applications such as GC, ICP, TOC, ELSD, evaporation of samples and LCMS. These generators can be provided with or without an integrated air compressor, and are compact and quiet.

Zero air generators and combined air / hydrogen generators

Our zero air generators produce a dry, clean air, without oil for GC-FID. They can be combined with hydrogen generators for air / hydrogen stations. We also offer ultra-zero air stations which combine a dryer and a catalyst to obtain higher purity of air.

Our air dryers with or without CO2 are designed to meet applications such as FT-IR, NMR, AA and rheometers.

Pressure regulators, boosters, chillers and other accessories

We offer a full range of accessories for turnkey solutions, including:

  • Pressure regulators for cylinders or point of use
  • Boosters
  • Chillers: cold water group
  • Air compressors: lubrified or oil-free technologies
  • Ultra-pure water systems
  • Tubing, fittings, etc.

All of our products are manufactured in Europe and are protected by patents which are the result of years of research carried out by engineers in collaboration with the best universities. The products are manufactured according to the standard ISO 9001.

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