International Pipeline Products Foam and Metal Bodied Pigs, Pig Passage Indicators, Flange and Internal Weld Testers, Pipe Plugs and Solid / Inflatable Spheres

International Pipeline Products manufactures a diverse selection of pipeline isolation and testing equipment including pig passage indicators, flange and internal weld testers, pipe plugs and solid / inflatable spheres, as well as foam and metal bodied pigs.

Pig passage indicator range

Designed to overcome the limitations of previous signalling methods, International Pipeline Products manufactures a range of specialised pig passage indicators for use in every pipeline application.

Designed to be maintenance-free and easy to install, our pig passage indicators feature a lo-torque trigger, metric sized ‘O’ ring seals and a stainless steel construction. The lo-torque trigger is omni-directional, meaning that it can neither damage
nor be damaged by pigs or spheres. The welding boss can be positioned in any configuration

Other features include:

  • Works with foam and poly pigs
  • Indicator flag, rotatable in 90° increments to maximise visibility
  • No moving seals (to minimise product leakage)
  • Positive action indicator flag can be instantly re-set
  • Adapts easily to existing connections to replace worn or defective units
  • Insertion without process interruption
  • Subsea version available

Flange weld testers and internal weld testers

We manufacture flange weld testers and internal weld testers under the Posi-Seal Stopper brand.

The flange weld tester features vent and drain bleeder plugs as standard, and a proven polyurethane Posi-seal for exceptionally good seal and low compression set characteristics.

The flange weld tester allows safe economical testing of single welds, and is especially suitable for testing additional / replacement flange connections. A flangeless version is also available for incorporating dual seal assemblies.

Recommended for hydrostatic test applications, our internal weld tester features polyurethane Posi-seal, vent as standard, and is available in a wide range of sizes and pressures. It is also available in a flanged design for use where pipes or
fittings terminate with weld necks or slip on flange.

Both testers are designed for pressurisation through the centre hub.

Pipe plugs – high and medium pressure

International Pipeline Products manufactures high-quality pipe plugs. Available in both high and medium pressure versions, our pipe plugs are available in sizes from 1in upwards.

Our medium pressure pipe plugs are designed to seal and withstand a differential pressure up to 10bar and ensures simple single point inflation through Schrader-type valves. Other features include monolithic inflatable polyurethane tyres, a choice of
male or female thread adaptors, and non-standard sizes and pressures to special order.

Our high pressure pipe plug is based on the proven principle of expanding a hardened steel segmented vice ring on to the internal pipe surface to hold the stopper in position. This arrangement ensures that the polyurethane elastomeric posi-seal element is expanded on to the pipe wall.

Supplied in standard form with square-headed banking plug, the high-pressure plug pipe is self-energising after the initial sealing. An hydraulically actuated version is also available.

Twin-tyred dual tool

The twin-tyred dual tool incorporates iNPIPE’S patented posi-seal tyre and is available from 4in to 36in. Originally developed for a major UK refinery this tool creates a safer working environment while carrying out hot / welding work on hydrocarbon pipelines.

The two tyres are independently inflated to a pressure 15bar/g creating a double isolation. The centre cavity is then filled with water and pressurised to 5bar/g, to prove the integrity of the tyres. The tool is supplied with a centre bypass facility allowing any gases present to be vented away safely. In the event of any build up of pressure in the line, the tool is capable and certified to hold a differential pressure of 5bar. The tool has been further developed by iNPIPE’S design team to enable hydrostatic testing of a new weld by utilising the centre cavity, up to Class 300 or 76.5bar. In other words, two jobs with the one tool.

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iNPIPE Products Celebrates 25th Anniversary

iNPIPE Products was established in 1984 as a result of a lifelong devotion to the industry by its founder Ken Hemingway. Now in its 25th year, iNPIPE Products is known as a global leader in the supply of pipeline maintenance equipment. With a dedicated team who have a wealth of expertise and expe


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Press Release

13 October 2009

iNPIPE Products was established in 1984 as a result of a lifelong devotion to the industry by its founder Ken Hemingway. Now in its 25th year, iNPIPE Products is known as a global leader in the supply of pipeline maintenance equipment. With a dedicated team who have a wealth of expertise and expe

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iNPIPE Hire will be present at this year's Offshore Europe, exhibiting at stand 1213 with iNPIPE Products. Throughout the week Paul Robinson and Peter Mahoney will be available at the stand to answer any questions you may have. Robin Arnold, iNPIPE Products' hire manager, and Caroline Fennell wil

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iNPIPE Products has been a global leader in the supply of pipeline maintenance equipment to the petro-chemical, oil, gas and water industries for 25 years. The company's vision is to be proactive and technovative in leading the way in high quality design and products. iNPIPE places majo

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23 June 2008

The Portable Temporary Pig Launcher/Receiver is the result of innovative work by iNPIPE’s highly skilled design team in response to a client problem. The client had to launch a pig from an open-ended pipe on a gas platform were no hot work was permitted. iNPIPE designed the temporary la

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17 January 2008

The twin-tyred dual tool, which incorporates iNPIPE'S patented posi-seal tyre technology, was originally developed at the request of a major UK refinery to create a tool superior to the civil squeeze/compression plugs currently in use, and to enable a safer working environment while carrying out

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