KANON Loading Equipment Symmetric Marine Loading Arms for Bulk Fluid Handling

KANON Loading Equipment is a Netherlands-based, first-class supplier in the international market for marine, rail and road liquid transfer systems.

KANON has supplied equipment direct to customers in all areas of the processing industry, including chemical, petrochemical, storage terminals, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, as well as providing systems via many of the leading international engineering houses.

Symmetric marine loading arms

KANON distinguishes itself by designing according to the latest development, with regard to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance and operator convenience. For example, KANON is the only supplier of symmetric marine loading arms.

Marine loading arms with symmetric design typically do not transfer any permanent loads to the jetty and have proved to be extremely reliable. Moreover, they are capable of combining two product lines in one structure, which is cost-saving with regard to the purchase of the loading arms and the required space on the jetty.

Custom-made marine loading systems

In addition to having a comprehensive standard product range, KANON has built an excellent reputation for developing custom-made loading systems. KANON has built up a team of qualified engineers, who develop new loading systems incorporating the latest technology, including 3D CAD systems.

Global liquid transfer equipment for process industries

KANON operates on a worldwide basis via a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate companies, who are fully able to promote all aspects of the KANON product range.

The European market as well as export markets such as the Middle East, Asia Pacific, the US and Africa are supplied from either one of the Dutch or the Malaysian (Kuantan) production facilities.

Worldwide delivery, service, installation, erection, commissioning and training are coordinated from our head office in Holland. Every project will have an assigned project manager acting as a single-point contact for all matters to achieve quick and direct communication.

Our service department is VGA certified and all KANON service engineers have all the required knowledge about hydraulics, mechanics and electronics.

Certified liquid transfer equipment

The KANON Loading Equipment quality management system has been approved by Lloyds to the standards of NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 1994, under certificate no. 654188. Inspections through Lloyds, DNV, ABS, AIB and SGS can be arranged for the full range of products.

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KANON Loading Equipment BV

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+31 36 521 9777 +31 36 52 19 770 www.kanon.nl