Rosetti Marino Process Plants Engineering and Construction Services for the Hydrocarbons Industry

Rosetti Marino Group is an experienced project execution, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning services provider, additionally dealing with contracting for mission-critical solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors.

The company pursues its market objectives using technology and quality as leverages against competition and enjoys a worldwide reputation for accomplishing quality and safe deliveries of fast-track projects. Rosetti Marino, through its dedicated business units Basis Engineering and Fores Engineering, has focused its attention on the supply of definition and execution services for oil and gas installations.

Turnkey services for onshore oil and gas centres, pumping stations and compression stations

Thanks to the synergies with its fully-owned engineering companies Basis Engineering and Fores Engineering, Rosetti Marino Group is the most reliable partner to build your plant and deliver full multidiscipline services on turnkey projects.

The aim of the onshore business unit is to primarily serve the oil and gas, industrial, chemical and petrochemical markets, as well as a number of refining sectors, such as environment, infrastructure, etc.

Rosetti has the capability to offer a complete range of project definition and execution services, from feasibility and front end studies to design, engineering and procurement, and operates both in direct hiring and through local partners for construction activities.

The projects that we work on include oil centres, gas centres, gathering stations, gas lift and injection stations, oil pumping stations, gas compression stations, early production facilities, gas storage fields or some parts of these, such as:

  • Multiphase separators
  • Gas treatment (scrubbing, water removal, filtration) and/or reinjection
  • Oil treatment (desulphurisation, stabilisation, filtration, etc.)
  • Gas export compression systems – oil export pumping systems
  • KO drums and flaring systems
  • Pig trap units
  • Water removal and reinjection or water treatments
  • Tank farms
  • ICSS systems and firefighting systems
  • Chemical injection skids and wellhead control panels
  • Utilities (power generation, compressed air package and sewage systems)
  • Multiphase pumps or separators and pumping / compression package
  • Degaser
  • Power generation or power substations
  • Local control, telemetry and firefighting systems
  • Corrosion inhibitor packages
  • Metering station
  • Crude storage
  • Utilities systems
  • Gas lift stations, compression stations
  • CVC (case vapour collection) separators
  • Cooling systems and export pumps
  • Stacks and tankage systems
  • Test and metering stations

Multidisciplinary design and engineering services

Basis Engineering, based in Milan, Italy, and fully owned by Rosetti, is specialised in multidisciplinary design and engineering for the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and energy sectors. The company provides services that range from feasibility to process studies.

Basis Engineering is experienced in creating cost and time-effective solutions for most of the oil / gas reservoirs, development scenarios and challenging environments, including marginal fields. Many discipline backgrounds and experiences are blended in Basis Engineering’s technical department by means of up-to-date design technologies, tools, and project organisation.

The mission is simple: top-class design quality, according to schedule and within budget.

The full range of engineering services includes:

  • Project management
  • Services
  • Conceptual and feasibility studies
  • Basic design
  • Front end engineering design (FEED)
  • Plant assessment
  • Permitting engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Hazop and risk assessment
  • Main item technical specification
  • Tender documents for plant construction and bids evaluation
  • Operating, safety and maintenance manuals
  • Procurement services
  • Construction site assistance
  • Commissioning and start-up assistance
  • Environmental impact studies

The potential of Basis Engineering lies in its highly qualified, multidisciplinary teams of engineers and technicians, with a permanent staff supported by qualified subcontractors; this lead to an overall capacity to run more than 450,000 man hours per year.

Basis Engineering has a strong and successful history in the following fields:

  • Green / brown field developments
  • Fixed platforms (jacket and integrated deck)
  • Living quarters
  • Early production
  • Facilities design
  • Gathering systems
  • Clusters and flow stations
  • Gas compression facilities
  • Multiphase pumping
  • Stations
  • Pipelines and sea-lines
  • Production activation (gas lift, water injection)
  • Natural gas treatment and conditioning facilities
  • Crude oil storage and treatment facilities
  • Natural gas in reservoir
  • Storage terminals
  • Tank farms

Electrical and instrumental engineering

Fores Engineering, based in Forlì, Italy, and fully owned by Rosetti, has more than 30 years of experience as an engineering company specialised in the electrical and instrumental disciplines for various industry sectors, through basic and detailed engineering, to assistance during fabrication and startup phases.

Through the years, Fores Engineering has gained outstanding experience, becoming primarily a manufacturer of fully engineered automation systems, skid mounted units and prefabricated shelters.

Fores Engineering has developed skills and resources to meet ever-evolving client requirements by using the latest CAE technology and 3D CAD plants modelling. At the same time, Fores Engineering continues to provide Rosetti Marino with services in the electrical and instrumental disciplines.

Design and engineering services for offshore platforms

Rosetti Offshore provides engineering and construction services for modules such as integrated decks, process modules, living quarters, utility modules and jackets, either in contracting complete offshore platforms on an EPC basis or simpler fabrication contracts.

Our facilities and quay are able to load out items up to 1,000t. The oil and gas business unit can provide sea transport, offshore hook-up, commissioning, start-up and upgrading of existing platforms.

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